Expectant Parent Evenings

The Expectant Parent Evening is a relaxed and informal meeting offering tips and advice on how best to survive the first few months after the babies come home.

Each person sitting around the table is both curious and anxious about the logistics of managing two or more babies and are relieved to find that it is, with a little planning and organistaion, very feasible, and I think to hear that there is life after multiples!

Generally, there are lots of questions asked – is it possible to breastfeed twins or triplets successfully? What pram should I get? Will we have to change our car? We have no family close by, are we entitled to some help?  How will we cope?  How will I manage when my partner goes back to work?  How will I comfort both babies when they are upset?

We will do our best to answer all these questions and ease their concerns.  The most important thing we offer is ongoing support and advice.

We are at the end of the phone/email if anyone feels unable to cope or needs some advice on anything that might concern them.

At the moment, we hold information evenings in Dublin and Cork. We are looking for volunteers to run our information evening in Galway.

We would like to be able to hold expectant parent evenings throughout the country so if you are blessed with the gift of the gab and feel you’d be able to hold a meeting in a hospital near you please contact us on 01 8749056 or you can email us at info@imba.ie

Upcoming Expectant Parent Evenings

There are no upcoming events.


Our next information evening is on Wednesday 4th December at Bru Columbanus, opposite CUMH from 7:30-9pm.



Our next information evening will be on Wednesday 29th January 7:30pm at the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street.