Older Multiples

Ever feel overwhelmed by bringing-up twins or triplets? Have you ever wished you could go to a parenting evening geared solely towards parents of multiples?


IMBA is delighted to announce our partnership with John Sharry, offering a parenting event for parents of twins and triplets on the evening of Thursday 18th April in the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley.

The event, the first of its kind in Ireland, will be hosted and facilitated by IMBA. John Sharry will speak for an hour on “Dealing with Challenging Behaviour”, something familiar to all parents of multiples (!), and will then take an hour of questions from attendees about raising our mutiples.

John Sharry is well-known for his engaging, inspirational yet informative and practical presentation style. IMBA has a long-established reputation for providing practical support for parents of twins and triplets via our multiples clubs, newsletters, talks for those expecting multiples, Facebook page and website.

Tickets, priced at a discounted rate of €10 for IMBA members, and €20 for non-IMBA members, are available now on our home page

Please note that tickets for this event are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment.

IMBA believes there is a demand for specific advice and guidance on raising twins and triplets. Every parent of multiples knows how significant the relationship and interaction between siblings is, and this is even more so when your siblings are the same age. Both for them, and for us as parents, understanding their special relationships with each other, as well as ours to them, is important. Their behaviour can at times be uniquely challenging to parent, and this is a topic not covered in general parenting evenings.

IMBA wanted to team up with a specialist renound for having the same approach to raising multiples as IMBA: approachable, sensible and practical. For this reason John Sharry was our number one choice to be the Parenting Expert for our first ever IMBA Parenting Evening.

IMBA organised a very successful conference on raising multiples in 2010, and John Sharry was one of the most popular speakers at this. We are delighted therefore to be able to offer you this evening.



We have set up a new Facebook group for Older Mulitples. Irish Multiple Births Association – Older Multiples so check us out.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please email us at info@imba.ie

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