Phone Support

Phone support is offered on a voluntary basis by parents of multiples for parents of multiples and for those expecting multiples.

IMBA Phone Support Phone Number: 01 – 8749056

We’re happy to provide whatever information we can. Sometimes callers have basic inquiries about what IMBA does, what the benefits are for members and how to join. Sometimes new or expectant parents want to know about their entitlements – social welfare benefits, grants or information on home help. And quite often we get a call from someone who’s just feeling a bit lost.

Maybe they’re having trouble breastfeeding their multiples, maybe they’re having a problem with their babies’ sleeping patterns, or maybe sibling rivalry is becoming overwhelming! Whatever it is, we do our best to help, and if we can’t help with a particular query we’ll try to find another member who can.  As we are not qualified medical professionals, we cannot give out medical advice. You should contact your GP or PHN if you have a medical query

We have a list of volunteers who offer phone support for a month at a time. If you think you could help with this rota please let us know –