The World Health Organisation recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for 6 months for optimum health. If you think your babies need solid food earlier than this, please talk to your public health nurse or GP. You should be guided by your babies as a large or hungry babies may need solids earlier. You should never start your babies on solids before four months, as their digestive systems will not be ready.

Weaning can seem daunting with twins or more:

  • It may seem easiest to wean the babies at the same time, but for triplets and more, it may be less daunting to start weaning the babies separately
  • Don’t be surprised if your babies are not ready to wean at the same time
  • Remember different babies may have different tastes and likewise will often have different appetites. As long as they are growing at a healthy rate, this is fine.
  • Keeping a record of what each baby eats in the early weeks of weaning will help to keep track of each baby’s likes/dislikes and the amounts eaten.

What you’ll need

  • Plastic spoons, plastic bowls and bibs – The best type of bibs are the type with a plastic backing and Velcro straps. Bibs with sleeves are great for when your babies are learning to feed themselves.
  • Muslins or a cloth – Use this to mop up food that may be dropped, splurted, thrown, etc.
  • A large plastic mat – To protect the floor and save time on the clean up after.
  • A food processor or blender – Ideal for pureeing food for the baby.

Where to begin

When you have time and your babies are well so that you are not rushed and won’t get stressed. ‘Morning or Lunchtime is best’ so that you can watch for any sign of a reaction to the food.

Getting Ready

Prepare the food, heat thoroughly (just do a little as you can’t reheat it). Stir it and test to see that it’s cool by putting some on the back of your wrist or hand.

You can keep track of the foods that you have tried your baby with using the following charts:

First Tastes Chart

Weaning Chart